…and sometimes
i am the wind,
to be everywhere
without being seen,

wanting to be felt
in the nothingness
of my existence,
for nothingness
is free from
any perceived flaws,

wanting to exist
in a intentionally
created moment,
as nothing more
than a momentary
uncoloured reminder,

so instead
of a bouquet
of exotic flowers,
i carry with me
the intoxicating fragrance
of freshly fallen raindrops,

weaving my way
in and out
of your dangling locks,
first on the forehead
then over the ears
and slowly down
and around the neck,

returning back
to lazily linger
around the ridges
of those unpretentious lips,
that outshine the sun
whenever they part,

patiently waiting
for the clock to strike,
and then
as you breathe in
hold me there,
and with a sigh
gently breathe out,

i live my moment
of an ecstatic existence,
inspite of the invisibility
that paradoxically defines
my presence, my absence,
a supernova star.

© vidursahdev 2021