A Stolen Breath

Pic: Self Clicked

you leave me
like the wind
as if you had never even existed,

cunningly playing
the game of invisibility
to gaslight me
on the touch
the sensations
of your erstwhile presence,
which by now 
in unmistakable
permanent colours
are already inked
deep onto my skin,

you leave me
like the wind
without a word,
after wickedly
scenting my world
with the daffodils
of your earthly existence,
and i devilishly hold on
to the air in my lungs
for as long as i possibly can,

hoping you’ll return
even sooner this time,
to admonish me
for that little
invisible life giving
oxygenating theft,

and i’ll let out a guilty sigh
as i breathe out
what belongs to you,
before quietly taking
an even deeper breath
than i had held before.

© vidursahdev 2022