And if I must, so I will, with malice to none, and a song on my lips, judge me you, with your experienced sight,nope it don’t bother me, you’ll still have my smile,tis not a race, to be a step ahead for either, my road is not yours, and neither yours mine, watch your step,and let me enjoy mine, your wisdom and your rules, I tried and applied, but my path is different, those don’t work on mine, I’ll share a secret that I heard from a creature of might,he said they come to see, on four wheels, with an extra set of eyes,those that roam free, amidst the nature, that breathes life itself, they feel superior in their armour, and in their intelligence, and yet they go back, to their cages, of what they call life, he said perspective is relative, to which side you stand on, the ruled be free, or the free be the captive,for the cage that holds, is not always knitted from a wire mesh, so I sing my song, on maybe a borrowed tune, but its my song nevertheless, find yours to sing, and maybe you’ll be free,and if we meet at a crossroads, I won’t judge your journey, coz it wasn’t mine, and we’ll continue in different directions, for he also said, that the path travelled less, is not for the faint-hearted.


Author: vidur sahdev

Living it comes!

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