An Eye Story

Even when both are open,
they cannot see each other,
However there is no space
between the vision either sees,
Their direction is always the same,
The distance is never felt,
unless reflected in a mirror,
But it’s the scope of their vision
which unites them seamlessly.



For every Play, there is a stage and a back-stage.

The Stage is where the script is enacted, and the applause received.

The Back-stage is where Life happens for real, unseen, unscripted and unnoticed.

The Stream and I

The stream,
I can sit by it
for hours
without a care,
Just watching it,
In its calmness,
In its peaceful flow,
A ripple on a rock
A sip for the bird,
Singing a song
without lyrics,
A vagabond on its own,
From whence it comes
To where it goes,
Neither the pebbles,
nor the life
around it knows,
A calming presence,
Carrying the wisdom
of the mountains,
Allowing me the leeway
Of a one-way conversation,
Some questions answered,
some simply ignored,
And some days when
I am restless,
I trouble it too,
By dipping my hand in,
joined like a giant dam,
Trying to stop it,
hold it, and bully it,
A few laughing ripples
Is all the reaction I get,
And that’s our bond,
Never had the need
to air a complaint,
And I sit and watch
That blessed flow,
Till I feel its peace
soak my soul,
Like the pebble surrounded
by its soothing flow,
I seem to get lost
in a comfort zone,
And in that moment of bliss
I am Me, no more.



Some people come into your lives and fake you down to your soul, and somewhere you realise that that is all that they know. Love, trust, honesty and loyalty are words whose value they never learnt. So you thank them, wave them goodbye, and wish them a pleasant one-way journey out of your life. With no regrets, but purely out of the goodness of your own heart, so that you can breathe what you believe in once again.