The Stream and I

The stream,
I can sit by it
for hours
without a care,
Just watching it,
In its calmness,
In its peaceful flow,
A ripple on a rock
A sip for the bird,
Singing a song
without lyrics,
A vagabond on its own,
From whence it comes
To where it goes,
Neither the pebbles,
nor the life
around it knows,
A calming presence,
Carrying the wisdom
of the mountains,
Allowing me the leeway
Of a one-way conversation,
Some questions answered,
some simply ignored,
And some days when
I am restless,
I trouble it too,
By dipping my hand in,
joined like a giant dam,
Trying to stop it,
hold it, and bully it,
A few laughing ripples
Is all the reaction I get,
And that’s our bond,
Never had the need
to air a complaint,
And I sit and watch
That blessed flow,
Till I feel its peace
soak my soul,
Like the pebble surrounded
by its soothing flow,
I seem to get lost
in a comfort zone,
And in that moment of bliss
I am Me, no more.



Author: vidur sahdev

Living it comes!

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