A Snail Story

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User comments

They call me slow
To the point of shame
They race ahead
For something more
Shore to shore
Their speed they measure
Against my slide
Their directions many
No compass to guide
A dwindling life
Scattered by their goals
One aim achieved
Another hundred to go
They catch the day
But miss the sun
Their nights are seldom
A dance in the moonlight
From the rain they hide
But on fame they thrive
Trying to outlive
Their limited life
I look at them
The most intelligent
Of all creation
As one by one
They leave me behind
An unheard shout
A humble plea
Don’t you trespass
On this house of mine
I may be slow
Don’t have far to go
I see the sun
And dance in the rain
The nights too
Are bright for me
You carry your brains
I carry my house
You keep your pace
Your make believe race
You search for a home
I was born with mine
In this game of life
To win is to fail
Slow down a little
And an inch sometimes
Can be a mile
But then who knows
I am just a snail.



Author: vidur sahdev

Living life...as it comes!

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