My Belle

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She changes her hues
as frequently
as the moods
of a young city belle
From the blues
to the blacks
the scattered oranges
and the ochre streaks
to the sensual peaches
stolen from some
blushing cheeks
A pendent of gold
or a silver crescent
the gems of beyond
that shine brighter
than any of those
that could be owned
From a peaceful blue
to a thunderous dark
her expressions range
all the possible greys
She dances with the sea
flirts with the desert
and even caresses
the snow-capped peaks
her cloudy cloak
without a stitch
still holds
Her smile is sunshine
her tears of joy
my raindrops
and even
her sad smile

seems like

a rainbow to me.


Point of View

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And if I must, so I will

with malice to none

and a song on my lips

judge me you

with your experienced sight

nope it dont bother me

you’ll still have my smile

it is not a race

to be a step ahead for either

my road is not yours

and neither yours mine

you watch your step

and let me enjoy mine

your wisdom and your rules

I tried and applied

but my path is different

yours don’t work on mine

I’ll share a secret

that I heard from a creature of might

he said they come to see

on four wheels 

with an extra set of eyes

those that roam free amidst the nature

that breathes life itself

they feel superior in their armour

and in their intelligence

and yet they go back to their cages

of what they call life

he said perspective is relative

to which side you stand on

the ruled be free

or the free be the captive

for the the cage that holds

is not always knitted from a wire mesh

so I sing my song

on maybe a borrowed tune

but its my song nevertheless

find yours to sing

and maybe you’ll be free

and if we meet at a crossroads

I won’t judge your journey

because it wasn’t mine

and we’ll continue in different directions

because he also said this

that the path travelled less

is not for the faint hearted.




To a Daughter…Sanvitti

Every once in a while
you’ll wonder why
but don’t worry
some whys’
never have answers
the sun shines
and so will you.
Every once in a while
you’ll be given answers
some believable
and some not so
listen and let go
there will be a time
to know the facts.
Every once in a while
a memory will flash
and you’ll look around
and find nothing
of the childhood
you left behind
but don’t worry
there is enough stored
to remind you someday
that fun and laughter
were also a reality
of the now forgotten time.
Every once in a while
when situations arise
as to what is right
and what is not,
you’ll find the answers
just look deep within,
there was a reason
for all those lectures
think back –
and the lessons
will come to you.
Every once in a while
as you walk along,
your world will seem
a little different
from the one
that surrounds you,
don’t bother –
rarely are things
as they appear to be.
Every once in a while
you’ll go with the flow
that nudges you along,
it’s alright –
you need to first
grow your fins,
before you start to swim,
but remember that-
when you are out in the world
and on your own
trust only your eyes
and stand firm your ground
what doesn’t seem right
is probably not
peer pressure is real
you’ll just need to be stronger.
Every once in a while
you’ll wish for
what you miss
and yet you won’t know
what it really is
spend some time
with the moon, and the stars
for someday they will
help you find it.
Every once in a while
when the voices around
tell you what
and who you are
you will rebel inside
for their definition of you
may not be the one
that you and I
know to be You.
Every once in a while
when that happens
just close your eyes
and look deep within.
And every time
that once in a while
you’ll find yourself
your strength
your courage
and the wisdom
that you need.
For every once in a while
that you so find yourself
you will smile
and so will I
For every time
somewhere in that smile
there will always be
a part of me as well.


Love, Dad

Space, Distance,Time

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the inside
of an outside
the hollow of a vessel
the captive core
around which
the potter builds a wall
the forced gap
between two or more
the impregnable void
the vacuum
the emptiness
which can never
be complete.
the breachable linearity
between two
chosen or forced
measurable enough
to nullify
or multiply
its apparent existence
Its growth
defines what
infinity could be
and the paradox
that even when
no space exists
the distance
could be beyond
the telescopic view.
the inconstant constant
but never the same
it creates the first two
in different ways
some it fills
to join the walls
some it breaks
for the potter
to knead again
the distances
can vanish
with a few steps taken
or an eternity
will grow
where the desires
direct opposite
It doesn’t wait
for it knows
too well
the laws of change
It creates New
where the old
is redundant
and Different there
where what exists
has lost its relevance.



The merry mix
of melody
and memories
Trust held
in hands of steel
Emotions bled
with buckets
of beer
Legs pulled
for the heck of it
Memories made
at every meet
Every parting
a promise
to meet again
No masks or titles
no premium on fame
A pat from one
a whack for another
Smiles to brighten
the cloudy days
Hugs to hold you
on the cracked up days
Good times
or bad times
served on the same plate
Shared with the same zeal
as a pizza
on empty pocket days
Seasons change
statuses’ change
Money and fame
are fickle too
Loyalties are sometimes
prone to vagaries
But those that stay
through the waves
and the endless bends
of inevitable change
Some even
some odd
The magical bonds
we call


Helpless in Orbit

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The mystic’s marvel
a storyteller’s delight
a scientist’s fact
that a poet distorts.
Floating free, yet held
by an invisible force.
A broken, barren surface
holding countless hearts
Appearing, disappearing
without a will of its own,
The illusionary show
of a face that
remains the same
but appears different
in another’s shadow.
The ball that glows
in a borrowed light,
yet seldom complains
of its helpless plight.
The sight that inspires
a memory of the beloved,
it’s presence a must
for the goriest folklore.
From the blade of a knife
drawing blood to feed a desire,
To a tooth or a claw
that turns red on its prey,
From a pen that writes
after a dip in the red
of the heart,
To the tear
that falls quietly
in the solitude of the night,
From the eyes
that see its magic
To the blinds
that shut it out,
The secret liaisons
amongst unnamed shadows,
the meeting of hearts
the passions of the night,
the acts of cowardice
against their own
by those that lurk
with a diminished
damaged internal light,
It has no choice
but to witness it all.
When day breaks
it is banished
out of sight
lest it succumb
to temptation
and let out the secrets
the stories that scream
to see the light of day
but buried in darkness
will never be told.
And the mystic smiles
at the thought of it
for the power
of this helpless form
he alone knows,
What hides in light
within and without,
comes alive
when darkness falls,
And sometimes if
it is in the mood
the magical moon-light
brings to the fore
even that, which tries to hide
in the deepest depths
of the darkest night.