Space, Distance,Time

User comments
User comments

the inside
of an outside
the hollow of a vessel
the captive core
around which
the potter builds a wall
the forced gap
between two or more
the impregnable void
the vacuum
the emptiness
which can never
be complete.
the breachable linearity
between two
chosen or forced
measurable enough
to nullify
or multiply
its apparent existence
Its growth
defines what
infinity could be
and the paradox
that even when
no space exists
the distance
could be beyond
the telescopic view.
the inconstant constant
but never the same
it creates the first two
in different ways
some it fills
to join the walls
some it breaks
for the potter
to knead again
the distances
can vanish
with a few steps taken
or an eternity
will grow
where the desires
direct opposite
It doesn’t wait
for it knows
too well
the laws of change
It creates New
where the old
is redundant
and Different there
where what exists
has lost its relevance.



Author: vidur sahdev

Living it comes!

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