n o r m s

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User comments

When everything
is visible
is it not strange
that sometimes
it is the obvious
that does not
get noticed
the instinctive senses
misdirected by the mind
to find some semblance
of that
which does not exist
and obscure those
that are present
but blocked
by circumstances
hidden by the fear
of judgement
but which
by their nature
and peaceful presence
could connect
to heal and
awaken the soul.




The Artist

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A blank canvas
resting on an easel
waiting an eternity
for a splash of hues
then a tender stroke
of a sable brush
first one, and then another
till the stark white
remained visible, no more
what slowly appeared
was a story untold
the painter’s plan
through the brush in hand
now lay mapped out
in a confluence of colours
a meaning hidden
in the lines sketched
a joyous vibrancy
as the colours spread
new figures appeared
some subtle, some defined
the erstwhile white gone
a new vision declared
a deft stroke here
and a quick one there
some lines adjusted
some colours perfected
a look of satisfaction
and a smile escapes
as the brush gently held
still circles undecidedly
over the pallette
then one last dip
in the pool of colours
and a careful dab
before it finally rests
the blank space filled
the loose ends knotted
in live colourful blends
a transformation of what was
to another realm
arms folded across
he pensively stands back
the picture complete
another story begun
and as he turns around
a hearty chuckle be heard
for this was his art
the transformation
had just started
as each day passed
the lines would change
the visible would melt
and the hidden
would take form
the colours would mix
again and again
till the masterpiece
he envisioned
was ready to be framed.