Standing tall
the highrise
roots planted deep
the wind playing often
on its walls of
impregnable concrete
but sometimes
when the earth shakes
the stoic abode of many
shakes inside out
threatened by
the fear
of an eternal crack
and those with cracks
that live within its walls
rush out
hands held tight
their own gaps
momentarily forgotten
mended with
a spontaneous
egoless love
woken by that
instant mortal fear
and like birds
leaving their
woven twigs behind
sometimes out
under the sky
seems far safer
the safe haven
a roof provides.




Pen ink paper
writing was the
only way
he could squeeze
the brain-cloth dry
and then it felt lighter
and he loved the feeling
as it hung out to dry
he preferred
the warmth of the moon
to the clothesline
set under the sun
for there was a always
a strange mystery added
under the moonlight
to each drop that fell
the ink on paper
or the water dripping
onto the ground
both released
and the weight
thus shed
one showed
the footprint
of the emotion
that strolled out
of the fenced head
the other
just vanishing
into the porous soil
the eventual reality
of his physical existence
hanging on the line
under the night sky
the brain-cloth swayed
as drop by drop
it lightened and dried
some words written
on a temporary surface
some moisture lost
in the fragrant night air
a sponge of sorts
destined to absorb
yet given the power
to release it all
in the end
no loss to call
no gain to hold
just richer
by the experience
of what it once held.



User comments
User comments

For who looks
for the stars
when the moon
shines bright
those suns
too far
to compete with this
star of the night
the shining dew drops
more precious
than the stones
which come for a price
what is it
that you call real
if the invisible breeze
which comes and goes
can tickle your skin
but still trick the eye
if all magic
were just an illusion
then uncover for me
the secret of the seed
that holds the leaf
hiding a flower
and then a fruit
tell me how
the invisible fragrance
of the flower
that fills the night air
found its way
into those glistening petals
randomly arranged
in perfect symmetry
like passing clouds
that give no rain
these intangible thoughts
sometimes in words
cannot be explained
for words at best
are a charcoal sketch
devoid of the colours
the experience entails.



User comments
User comments

I know
you are there
getting closer
all the time to me
As each day ends
and the stars
come out to greet
another beautiful night
I look up and ask
the not so lonely stars
If they see you
where you are
They don’t do much
just twinkle back at me
I guess they do
see you
And I wish I could too
maybe even say hello
hear about you
and tell you about me
But I guess that will be
when it will be
till then we remain
nothing more
than just strangers.

The Mask

You hide yourself
behind the mask
a different face
over the one
that is yours
and you feel safe
no longer afraid
of someone
knowing you
as you are
and hurting you
for what you are
sensitive, trusting
and soft at heart
and I wonder sometimes
how you would survive
this indifferent world
without this mask
but then I wonder again
how long it might be
before you yourself
become one
with the mask
and that my friend
for me would be sad
for it was only with you
as yourself my dear
that I too did not
need a mask.



The Taj

On the banks
of the Yamuna
a monument stands
a dedication
to the memory
of an undying love
a symbol of
a bygone era
a continuing inspiration
to the world
a work of art
an architectural marvel
the labour of many
inspired by
one persons love
a tomb for a beloved
a gift to the world
a picture so perfect
it awes the beholder
and each time
that I stand
in front of this
white marble wonder
there is more
than just the beauty
of the sight
that holds me spellbound
it is the thought
of the intensity
of the emotion
that inspired its creation
and the sadness of the man
whose gift to the world
was never seen
by the woman
that he loved.


Musings – ‘f l y’

Life is safer when you are living in the predictable zones,
but sometimes even for those who always wore helmets,
and seat-belts, and played by the rules, it gets all taken away,
and they get pushed over a cliff by the wild wind of destiny,

and as they fall, they hope for one of the two things –
either there is a deep sexy clear water body at the end,
and if not, then that crazy yank of a magical elastic
which will break the fall, much like in a real life bungee jump!

Well….unfortunately….that only happens on the TV.
But yup, what really happens is that as you fall,
you are set free as never before, and each moment
keeps becoming more enlightening the further you fall,

and in those seemingly lifelong moments
you suddenly don’t care whether it is the water
or the elastic that will come to the rescue,
for you see for the first time in your life
the possibility that you could even learn how to fly….
and the best is that as crazy as it may sound,
it is these very moments which inspire you to rise,
and sometimes in these you are even willing to try.

©Vidur Sahdev 2015