Musings – ‘f l y’

Life is safer when you are living in the predictable zones,
but sometimes even for those who always wore helmets,
and seat-belts, and played by the rules, it gets all taken away,
and they get pushed over a cliff by the wild wind of destiny,

and as they fall, they hope for one of the two things –
either there is a deep sexy clear water body at the end,
and if not, then that crazy yank of a magical elastic
which will break the fall, much like in a real life bungee jump!

Well….unfortunately….that only happens on the TV.
But yup, what really happens is that as you fall,
you are set free as never before, and each moment
keeps becoming more enlightening the further you fall,

and in those seemingly lifelong moments
you suddenly don’t care whether it is the water
or the elastic that will come to the rescue,
for you see for the first time in your life
the possibility that you could even learn how to fly….
and the best is that as crazy as it may sound,
it is these very moments which inspire you to rise,
and sometimes in these you are even willing to try.

©Vidur Sahdev 2015


Author: vidur sahdev

Living it comes!

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