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User comments

For who looks
for the stars
when the moon
shines bright
those suns
too far
to compete with this
star of the night
the shining dew drops
more precious
than the stones
which come for a price
what is it
that you call real
if the invisible breeze
which comes and goes
can tickle your skin
but still trick the eye
if all magic
were just an illusion
then uncover for me
the secret of the seed
that holds the leaf
hiding a flower
and then a fruit
tell me how
the invisible fragrance
of the flower
that fills the night air
found its way
into those glistening petals
randomly arranged
in perfect symmetry
like passing clouds
that give no rain
these intangible thoughts
sometimes in words
cannot be explained
for words at best
are a charcoal sketch
devoid of the colours
the experience entails.



Author: vidur sahdev

Living it comes!

3 thoughts on “Nightlights”

  1. Yes, it’s all magic. And who can say it isn’t? And nothing can be explained in words.
    Thank you so much for visiting our blog, and for the ‘like’ on the post about Benares. It’s an extraordinary city and we loved our time there.
    Cheers, Alison

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    1. Hi Alison,

      It was a real pleasure reading your post on Benares and looking at the wonderful assortment of pictures which truly depict the quaint nature of the city. Yes life and death co-exist everywhere, however, this is one of those places which reminds you of that reality every minute. Your write-up was factual and educative, and at the same time carried the air of wonder and amazement at all the contradictions present without being judgemental about any. Loved it!

      Liked by 1 person

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