Pen ink paper
writing was the
only way
he could squeeze
the brain-cloth dry
and then it felt lighter
and he loved the feeling
as it hung out to dry
he preferred
the warmth of the moon
to the clothesline
set under the sun
for there was a always
a strange mystery added
under the moonlight
to each drop that fell
the ink on paper
or the water dripping
onto the ground
both released
and the weight
thus shed
one showed
the footprint
of the emotion
that strolled out
of the fenced head
the other
just vanishing
into the porous soil
the eventual reality
of his physical existence
hanging on the line
under the night sky
the brain-cloth swayed
as drop by drop
it lightened and dried
some words written
on a temporary surface
some moisture lost
in the fragrant night air
a sponge of sorts
destined to absorb
yet given the power
to release it all
in the end
no loss to call
no gain to hold
just richer
by the experience
of what it once held.



Author: vidur sahdev

Living it comes!

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