The Leaf

User comments
User comments

What now –
as it looked around
its job almost done
amongst the colour
of abundant green
it now stood out
in its aging yellow
waiting for that
last gust of wind
to break its bond
and carry it away
from its sunlit perch
to the unfamiliar earth
an inevitable falling
from the highs of life
to meet an end
where it will
sooner or later
turn to dust.
And below thet tree
a broom is heard
as it collects
all the fallen ones
heaped together
a pyre of sorts
slowly burns
as the smoke rises
the greens look down
with smoked teary eyes
and bid farewell
to those that are gone
and tell the wind
to slow down a bit
a mark of respect
to them that were
For the greens
were taught
never to underestimate
even those fallen
yellow ones
as sometimes
if scorned
their burning wrath
can set a fire
that can bring
an entire forest down.



Author: vidur sahdev

Living it comes!

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