Musings – ‘flashbacks’

Sometimes you are given a compulsory ticket
to go back into another life, another time,

And you do, not because you want to,
but because the validity and credibility
of your present is dependent on it,

It is a difficult and exhausting trip
but at the end of that flashback
of a long train of memories,
you see how and why it was
destined to end.

With the vision that you carry now,
you realise that in that life,
you had died a long time before
you were even declared dead,

And sometimes, that
sets you free to live
your present life
without any hangovers of the past,
without any regrets,
and after a long time
it feels good…..
just good to feel alive.

©Vidur Sahdev 2015


Author: vidur sahdev

Living it comes!

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