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User comments

You strike a match
and you get the flame
you blow me out
with your feeble breath
and you think
my existence you control
Put me on a candle
a celebration
of your day, your life
and then blow me out
again, and again
for I am just a light
at the end of a wick
You hold my flame
captive in a lantern
and believe
for some reason
that I’ll show
you your way
You light your lamp
in a sacred place
and in my light
you seek His grace
Your darkest nights
you keep me awake
for you trust me
to keep your demons away
you light me up
in the chill of the night
and warm your hands
in my embrace.
In your permissive existence
I light your world
and I warm your hearth
I am light
and I am your sight
but even then
I lie peacefully
content in that matchbox bed
a non-existent state
deep in slumber
till stirred alive
And when you do
stir that hornet’s nest
remember this
and if not
then at your own peril forget
that when you strike
and bring me to life
I am also the pyre
that can bare your soul
consume your masks
till you can hide no more
I am pure in my being
you think
you control me
and in my indulgence
I let you think so
but give me a reason
and you’ll face my ire
I am light
and I am life
I am peaceful
and I am contained
but stoke me
and I will destroy you
for when I do
come to my own
I am…



Author: vidur sahdev

Living it comes!

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