The Year in a Mirror



Another one
on the calendar
that is ready
to be left behind
and as I look ahead
I see in the mirror
a reflection of
what the past year
meant in my life.

I saw the sea
after a gap in time
the dance of the waves
on the surface
seemed no different still
for it is beneath the visible
that life happens
and realities change
I learnt that
to see the sun rise
you had to be one
with the birds
that the early one
may, or may not
catch the worm
but its in that
inactive morning moment
when all awake is calm
that peace reigns
and souls are stirred

A walk in it I had done
many a times before
but this year taught me
how to dance in the rain
I managed to learn
the lyrics to songs
which I had hummed for ages
but had never found the time
to learn and sing aloud
as some songs I discovered
were best sung silent
for every ear hears
not necessarily
what your heart sings about

I managed to open
a chimney of sorts
to let those thoughts fly out
sometimes in untamed billows
of emotions and words
and often as harmless
wisps of smoke
sometimes held guilty
by my very own words
of making my little Delhi choke
while the real polluters
abashedly in disguise
continued to freely roam
Consequently I was taught
the power of silence
by a few dear friends
some even decided
to practice the same on me
hopefully in this year
with the ‘smoke less’
lessons learnt
I will stoke the fires less
and maybe in the next
my silence too
will be heard.

I spent more time
amongst nature
in its simplicity
and in its complexity
in its existence
and amongst it
discovering my own,
somewhere I let go
of the old me
specially the parts
which had become
redundant over time
and therein I learnt
that letting go
was a way of growth
of renewal
and of rejuvenation.
So often we imagine
carrying the weight
of so many others
on our shoulders
that our own identity
exists in that present no more
but in the end
it is each one’s own feet
which define their balance
and their character
when the earth actually
decides to quake.

And when you join
your palms together
to welcome that new year in
you may ask for the World
but irrespective
of how much you get
in the end
there is always
a limit to what
in those two hands
anyone can really hold
So before you look up
take another look
at what you have
there could already be a treasure
in what you hold.



Author: vidur sahdev

Living it comes!

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