Eyes in the Mirror


Picture Credits : Oil painting by Cath Driessen “The mirror of the eyes ” www.cathdriessen.nl

I can see
they are tired
and weary
from the travels
of a life
and maybe
even a past beyond
bruised to tears
that swell often
and as often
dry on their own
they don’t blink
like fireflies
any longer
lest a drop
of the precious ocean
fall out from them
they reflect
the world
but hold
their own depths
behind a smile
to those
who see
its like thunder
rain, and a rainbow
all out
at the same time.

I know
they seek a place
where they can shut
in peaceful calm
in the knowledge
of a secure embrace
arms that keep
the world at bay
where even the air
dare not disturb
the sleep
that is needed
to rejuvenate
I hear them
for they speak
seeking that
hallowed world
where a mother
hides her child
and the little one
just closes those eyes
and everything else
ceases to exist
they yearn
for that place
where you can
cocoon yourself
in an invincible sheath
of love
and trust
where all
past identities
no longer matter
and every breath
is a moment
of detached bliss.




Author: vidur sahdev

Living life...as it comes!

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