There is poetry

in words

and then

there was you


words never

measured up

and for once

the unwritten

was poetic enough.








a small word
that moves the world
from what was today
to what might be tomorrow
a humble word that we all use
to accept the presence
of the powers beyond.

the wonder word
which makes us believe
things might just happen
the way our heart desires
a considerate word
which can wipe a tear
bring a smile
and rejuvenate the soul.

a simple word
which says that
even when all is lost
not all is lost
for as long
as we are alive
my friend
tomorrow is another day.


Side by Side


They were
like the banks
of a river
holding the spread
loving the flow
separated by it
yet somehow
there together
the water between
a glue that binds
beginning to end
running with each other
holding hands
where the bridges come
secret messages
often traded
on the boats
that cross
from one to the other
silent conversations
hidden from
eavesdropping winds
the curious sky
the enlightened sun
but in the veil
of the night
a knowing smile
from the conspiring moon
as it coyly shines
on the bridge ahead
as two shadows
merge into one.

The Unsaid Bond


There was a time
romance was
a glance
a fleeting look
a brushing
of the hand
an innocent apology
of an intended act
a gift of a rose
pressed dry
in the pages
of the most
voluminous book
a message scribbled
on paper with pen
the words limited
by a drop of blood
an unwritten pact
of life and beyond
a flower in hand
was the secret brand
a discreet exchange
and that was all
no promises made
no conditions laid
the eyes spoke
and committed all
there was a time when
the unsaid was what
created the bond.



The Sun


You are
the constant
the omnipresent
the life giver
the energiser
the only visible god
as old as time
as young as the moment
no history precedes
your birth
nor exists
without your presence
and neither
can a future
be perceived
in your absence

while half the world
sees you rise
the other half
sees you set
but we both know
that you do neither
and in all that
which signifies eternity
you are
the only constant

the living world
moves around
to fulfill its needs
of a day
of a night
the seasonal dance
the creation of
a sense of time
a tireless repetition
of a circle of life
asking questions
looking for answers
finding meanings
feeling feelings
infinitely yearning
for miracle healings
under your
magical light

so life goes on
to fulfill its ends
it sees you
appear, change
hide and disappear
a burning
ball of fire
the lamp
that burns
with an eternal
mystical flame
an unexplained
but endearing
source of energy
sustenance and strength
unfettered in your warmth
and the light
that you share

I bow to thee
for all That
and that
which inspite of
my passing existence
I will never understand
but in my universe
your presence
is life
and you are
the only constant .


The Jigsaw Puzzle


A jigsaw
on the floor
scattered pieces
spread like
a broken vase
no reference
no picture
no guide
you pick
and join
that which fits
for you are
free to make
the picture
in your mind
you search
the scattered
join, dismantle
not everthing sits
try again
get stuck
some pictures
in the head
still incomplete
in the pieces
you take
a breath
let your
mind go blank
now its only
the eyes
working with
the tiring hands
pick some more
search some more
let them drop
into grooves
of hope
while somewhere
in the background
the silent clock
slowly ticks.


The Tree


A seed fell from the skies,
hit the ground
rolled a little, stopped
and before it could gather itself
something pushed it
into the darkness of the ground
the dead are sometimes buried,
sometimes the buried come alive
and a few days later a green bit
from down under stretched out
time never stands still
and neither does life
as its roots pushed deeper
the greens unfurled further out
and little by little, leaf by leaf
today there stands a mighty tree
It sways to the invisible moves
of the flirtatious wind
mindless of the song
that silenty plays
obliging in its appearance
but never yielding an inch
reaching out with its arms
but remaining rooted deep
the aging yellow leaves
set free by the rhythm of this dance
it lets go of its leaves, its fruit
even it’s inhabitants change
it never holds on to anything
that lies above the ground
sometimes it even lets go
of those branches
which grow too rigid
and are unable to dance
a silent teacher preaching
that hold on to that
which holds you
accumulate from the depths
that which feeds the soul
the fruits of love
wherein lie the seeds
of the future
will find their own space
to fulfill their destiny
you don’t control either
love till you can
but hold on to neither
Let go of the thoughts
which begin to turn yellow
sometimes the wind will help
but don’t wait for its aid forever
dance, irrespective of
whichever way the wind blows
it is the only way to be
bend more if it is stronger
let go of the rigid ones that break
being rooted doesn’t always mean
that you will stagnate
growth also happens
when all else appears still
hold on to the values
that keep your soul alive
and remember that the trees
that still stand after a storm
draw their strength
not from their height,
but from their depth
beneath the ground.