The Tree


A seed fell from the skies,
hit the ground
rolled a little, stopped
and before it could gather itself
something pushed it
into the darkness of the ground
the dead are sometimes buried,
sometimes the buried come alive
and a few days later a green bit
from down under stretched out
time never stands still
and neither does life
as its roots pushed deeper
the greens unfurled further out
and little by little, leaf by leaf
today there stands a mighty tree
It sways to the invisible moves
of the flirtatious wind
mindless of the song
that silenty plays
obliging in its appearance
but never yielding an inch
reaching out with its arms
but remaining rooted deep
the aging yellow leaves
set free by the rhythm of this dance
it lets go of its leaves, its fruit
even it’s inhabitants change
it never holds on to anything
that lies above the ground
sometimes it even lets go
of those branches
which grow too rigid
and are unable to dance
a silent teacher preaching
that hold on to that
which holds you
accumulate from the depths
that which feeds the soul
the fruits of love
wherein lie the seeds
of the future
will find their own space
to fulfill their destiny
you don’t control either
love till you can
but hold on to neither
Let go of the thoughts
which begin to turn yellow
sometimes the wind will help
but don’t wait for its aid forever
dance, irrespective of
whichever way the wind blows
it is the only way to be
bend more if it is stronger
let go of the rigid ones that break
being rooted doesn’t always mean
that you will stagnate
growth also happens
when all else appears still
hold on to the values
that keep your soul alive
and remember that the trees
that still stand after a storm
draw their strength
not from their height,
but from their depth
beneath the ground.


Author: vidur sahdev

Living it comes!

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