The Sun


You are
the constant
the omnipresent
the life giver
the energiser
the only visible god
as old as time
as young as the moment
no history precedes
your birth
nor exists
without your presence
and neither
can a future
be perceived
in your absence

while half the world
sees you rise
the other half
sees you set
but we both know
that you do neither
and in all that
which signifies eternity
you are
the only constant

the living world
moves around
to fulfill its needs
of a day
of a night
the seasonal dance
the creation of
a sense of time
a tireless repetition
of a circle of life
asking questions
looking for answers
finding meanings
feeling feelings
infinitely yearning
for miracle healings
under your
magical light

so life goes on
to fulfill its ends
it sees you
appear, change
hide and disappear
a burning
ball of fire
the lamp
that burns
with an eternal
mystical flame
an unexplained
but endearing
source of energy
sustenance and strength
unfettered in your warmth
and the light
that you share

I bow to thee
for all That
and that
which inspite of
my passing existence
I will never understand
but in my universe
your presence
is life
and you are
the only constant .



Author: vidur sahdev

Living it comes!

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