Chains of Love


Tied to each other
by their creator
for a lifetime
one knows
only to sink
the other
made to sail
one dances
on the glittering surface
the other
digs deep into
the earth
at the end
of the depths
one gives both
the luxury of mobility
the other
steadfast stability
holding the first
against the winds
and the currents
not letting it go
till again
they are ready
to move as one,
the connecting chain
which ties them together
made up of numerous
connected links
of emotions, expectations
relations and situations
and it alone knows
that most of the times
neither knows
which one is the anchor
and which the boat.



Sands of Time


the harsh winds hitting
hard against the face
the burning golden grain
sinking under every step
of the drying weight
an effortful trudge
the occasional gasp
the nostrils burning
intense heat in the air
the physical strained
the mental drained
senses desensitized
conditions unpredicted
all logics thus far defied
the conventional conditioning
pretty much a waste
the rules in the book
unheard in this land
the gates a reminder
of the fences that were
no path charted ahead
no visible impressions
of the footprints behind
yet the eyes hopeful
of the vision of the blue
calling, tempting, taunting
the shimmer of water
an oasis or a mirage
just a dangling carrot
or a bait for the fish
is it a fortuitous dream
or is this reality awake
questions of the alive
answers held by time
whispering a shadow
over the blazing sun
interrupts a passing cloud
walk, you have my cover
you can make it all the way.


Musings – ‘l o v e’


Love was never
the proverbial
pot of gold
at the end of the rainbow…
it was the rainbow itself.

To those
who still search
for that pot of gold –
may you find it someday,

and to those who do
see the rainbow –
you have all the colours
that gold can never be.

©Vidur Sahdev 2016



She was –
the wind that blew away
the years of
accumulated dust,
freed the present
of the layers
of the past’s rust,
the rain that fell
on the parched
sun scorched soil,
the ray of light
that cracked awake
the darkest night,
the feel of ice
on skin scarred
by a burning flame,
the sound of
a familiar wind-chime
that beckoned
amidst the lost trails,
the touch of the ocean
tempting with
its soulful depths,
and to the eyes
that perceived
she was – Her
and even more,
yet only the rocks
that witnessed
will ever know
the mystery of
the resultant folklore,
for the footprints
that led to
those beckoning waves,
were never seen
coming back to shore.




Hide n Seek

I enter –
the crowd
the noise
of laughter
multiple voices
one over
the other
music blaring
familiar lyrics
I stop –
all senses alive
the sixth knows
your presence around
the eyes search
a scan
of sorts
one by one
blurry faces
varied ensembles
you hide
I seek
till I find
through the
human clouds
the familiar
of that
sunshine face
and then –
I breathe.