She was –
the wind that blew away
the years of
accumulated dust,
freed the present
of the layers
of the past’s rust,
the rain that fell
on the parched
sun scorched soil,
the ray of light
that cracked awake
the darkest night,
the feel of ice
on skin scarred
by a burning flame,
the sound of
a familiar wind-chime
that beckoned
amidst the lost trails,
the touch of the ocean
tempting with
its soulful depths,
and to the eyes
that perceived
she was – Her
and even more,
yet only the rocks
that witnessed
will ever know
the mystery of
the resultant folklore,
for the footprints
that led to
those beckoning waves,
were never seen
coming back to shore.





Author: vidur sahdev

Living life...as it comes!

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