Sands of Time


the harsh winds hitting
hard against the face
the burning golden grain
sinking under every step
of the drying weight
an effortful trudge
the occasional gasp
the nostrils burning
intense heat in the air
the physical strained
the mental drained
senses desensitized
conditions unpredicted
all logics thus far defied
the conventional conditioning
pretty much a waste
the rules in the book
unheard in this land
the gates a reminder
of the fences that were
no path charted ahead
no visible impressions
of the footprints behind
yet the eyes hopeful
of the vision of the blue
calling, tempting, taunting
the shimmer of water
an oasis or a mirage
just a dangling carrot
or a bait for the fish
is it a fortuitous dream
or is this reality awake
questions of the alive
answers held by time
whispering a shadow
over the blazing sun
interrupts a passing cloud
walk, you have my cover
you can make it all the way.



Author: vidur sahdev

Living it comes!

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