r u n


running away
was a solution
till it was
a conscious move
from the piling clutter
it was strength
to prove to yourself
that if limits be crossed
by those that bind
then within your beliefs
you could still
make it on your own
it was never
an option ingrained
for rocks can withstand
the stormiest waves
but running was wisdom
said experience gained
to the option
of standing helpless
in sinking quicksand
for an unsure future
was still worth a fight
than the comfort
of that drowning hole
running was a test to see
if the bonds that held
really had
the claimed strength to hold
as it went, some broke
and some let go
slow down now
for you have run far
run from the present
and you only run in circles
run from me
and you can still run far
but in this run
from a thankless past
they are yours
that run with you
how many clouds
can you hide behind
for the sun gives you
a generous glow
and be as it may
in destiny’s play
there has always been
that celestial crack
which inspite of the clouds
that you hide behind
lights my sky
by letting your light through.




Author: vidur sahdev

Living life...as it comes!

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