f l y



Strange is the way –
sometimes it seems,
reality is a secret
and the secrets,
as open as
the sky may be,
that which I hide
flies free in the sky,
that which I hold,
sometimes is invisible
to even the physical me,
its strange that I can see
music with my eyes,
and words on paper
are directed to mean
different from that,
what they sing in my mind,
sometimes when you have no words
a picture can take you on a flight,
if all the puzzles were easy,
finding answers would really
be such a waste of mind,
I tempt you to fly
not to free you out of your binds,
for even the rocks
that remain grounded know,
when anchors fail
the chains need to break
and those in this evolution
that ended growing wings
like all others in the sky
still have a purpose to their flight.



Author: vidur sahdev

Living life...as it comes!

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