The Ides of March


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Silence is golden
the wise meaningfully
had professed
but alas my friend
you used it much
like a cowards tool,
to block the truth
and defend the lies
you gave silence
the same meaning
that once Brutus did,
the ides of march
a replay of the act
one succumbed then
resigned to his fate
the other survived
inspite of your silent
whispered blows,
let rest now, forever
what you tried once
your gains, your losses
one day your fate
in solitude will assess,
heed still, an old friend’s
parting last advice
reflect, mend, change,
lose not what is left,
fool them you can
till time chooses so
for the day that they
are given eyes
to see your footprints
leading to your ways,
your own truth
will be enough
to tear you to shreds,
blame not then
the ides of march
for those who venture
to scam their own,
often lose
the right to complain.




Author: vidur sahdev

Living it comes!

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