The Tunnel


Delve in to
the tunnel dark
each step measured
by a cautious breath
no hands to hold
no whispers to share
all vision impaired
sensations limited
to the cold dampness
the insensitive walls
the endless cavity
plunged into darkness
of deceit, untruth
targeted falsehood
the world within
and that without
from atop the mountain
a vibration rumbles
ahead in the dungeon
a stone released
audibly rolls, as if to lead
the uncertain
untrodden path
the third eye opens
releasing the power
of the destroyer’s fire
and in the tunnel
flickering shadows
suddenly come to life
as the flame of light
does a tandav of sorts
dispelling the darkness
unveiling the hidden
benevolent’s might
and near the exit
an unpretentious lamp
spreads its victorious
welcome glow.



Author: vidur sahdev

Living it comes!

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