Sunrise, and a dream
to plant a field of gold
ploughed the land
planted the seeds
his karmic deeds
toiled to dig channels
connecting the fields
to the flowing stream
life giving arteries
to his world of dreams
then the storm
somewhere afar
suddenly blocking
the flow from
that liquid heart
his own barely
beating now
the soil gasping
for the water of life
a bucket for a tool
the running legs
each refill
seeming further away
the result at best
one drop of hope
on a tongue parched
and he looks above
at those beyond
the painted skies
a few drops
trickling down
from his brow
then a couple more
from his pleading eyes
as if saying –
these are mine
that now fall
to the ground
but for the cracks to fill
I need some of yours.




Author: vidur sahdev

Living it comes!

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