The Lamp


meaningless conversations
with meanings hidden
in the depths of
unknown ocean beds
the darkest sunsets
brightened by
the magical light
of a heretofore
invisible lamp
the evening winds
holding their breath
the umbrella of leaves
hushing the pitter-patter
of the occasional rain
trying to catch
the exchange of words
amidst the
mirrored strides
fate plays tricks
when in the middle
of unseen storms
it intentionally leaves
the flame of a lamp
glowing bright
in test of the human self
and sometimes
for the beaten soul
the light of the lamp
seems inspiring enough
to shovel through
the fury of
the biggest avalanche.



Author: vidur sahdev

Living it comes!

7 thoughts on “The Lamp”

  1. I really like some of the images in this poem, beautiful. I’m a drama teacher developing an online course about how to perform poetry, and I’m looking for poets to help me out by giving me their thoughts in my 1 min survey (all responses anonymous). If you have a moment to help me out I’d greatly appreciate it! Thanks, and keep writing!

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  2. Both are beautiful. I have a thing for lighting. I like those ancient, clay, single-wick lamps sometimes found in archaeological digs. This December 24th will begin Chanukah, sometimes called the Festival of Lights. We’ll light candles and publicize the miracle of a cruze of oil located within our destroyed Temple, which lasted for eight days until new oil could again be purified for Temple use. It honors G-d and my heritage, in the Maccabean fight against invaders to our land. As I gaze at the lights in the menorah, we contemplate its full meaning. I’m happy to share the significance, rife with meaning, with you.


  3. Thank you so much for sharing. We still light the oil filled single wick clay lamps here on Diwali – which is our festival of lights. It has such a magical feel to it. May the lights always surround you…in different ways…as you tread your path. And wish you a wonderful Chanukah.


    1. Thank you, Vidur! That’s so sweet of you. Happy belated Diwali just passed to you. You’ve brightened my smiles and heart, really, and I wish you always receive, as you have now, the goodness of light.

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