What do you do
when words fail you
thoughts in the sky
sailing like clouds
unwilling to rain
The empty page
yearning to be
a living pond
filled with drops
of their random
emotional weight
But none oblige
none precipitate
as the winds
of circumstance
which lets them in
even faster
blows them away
So what do you do
when inspite of
a cloudy sky
raindrops hide
and the pond
that could
have come alive
remains just
an empty page.





you tore into those layers
like no one else
peeling them off
one by one
uncovering the hidden
the vulnerable invisibles
that they were
meant to protect
baring the soul
to your truth within
letting you in
to the core beneath
and you still wonder
if this vision is real
for you live in a world
which describes
what you see
what it makes you feel
as something else.






Falling like a stone
from the top of a cliff
I hit the water hard
the depth unknown
the sunlight vanishing
the temperatures cooling
an entry into the dark
mystical airless world
some call it sinking
but I can still breathe
and if the end be far
even as I fall I know
before it bottoms out
I will have learnt to swim.