Winds of Change

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User comments

Walk a step with me,
for I know not where this road leads,
throw some light,
on the path I tread,
listen, and I could tell you a tale,
talk, and I’ll hear your story,
history is created when lives are lived,
and lessons are learnt,
when experiences are shared.
gone is the past, familiar as it was,
time has crept in,
and cradled its memory,
as it passes, that too shall fade,
not all specs of memories,
can turn into pearls,
some get blown away,
by the winds of change.

Walk a step with me,
till the wind catches in its arms,
and teaches a falling leaf,
how to fly like a bird in the sky,
inspiration is never planned,
nature is never a prisoner,
paths change, and so do lives,
look around at the quizzical eyes,
judging what they know not,
basking in their own shallow pride,
if change was a song,
I know I can sing it now,
hear my song, it could be yours.
thoughts abound, in the stillness around,
the journey though, must continue,
with a step at a time, and miles to go,
walk this step with me.


2nd Mar. 2014


Author: vidur sahdev

Living it comes!

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