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User comments

Everyone wants
to catch one
none can really hold it
no one sees it rise
everyone sees it fall
it falls in self destruction
so that others may rise
No ego to restrain it
its karma
too well defined
one does not fight another
nor attempts to race ahead
each falls as each must
at their own given time
Neither stands out
in the multitudes that fall
nor is there an attempt
for one
to outdo another.

Have often heard of those
who rise to save the world
rare is the one who falls
falls to save the earth
And as the falling
meet their destined end
the earth entices the senses
and a memory rises within
A face looks up to the sky
a forgotten childish smile
with half shut eyes
a mouth wide open
and a tongue stretched out
the freedom of being
the presence of innocence
the attempt to catch
a few of the falling stars
was worth a treasure chest
the simple goals
the thrill of success.

In that impulsive moment
as I relive the memory
of the child within
and do
what the child did then
those falling raindrops
once again free me
from me.



Author: vidur sahdev

Living life...as it comes!

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