If I go as some do, before my age
Part from you without a good bye
Leave you before my own sunset
Know that it was not a happy choice
Know that I tried to wait for a sight of you
Fought to hang-in every little bit more
For only you know me and all that I dislike
How I hate to leave you without a hug
Not telling you what you mean to me
And reaffirming the probability to meet again
But know this so that there are no regrets
In those last moments before my journey began
I imagined your presence as best as I could
And in my mind said all that I had to say
So be in peace till your own sunset
And know that I’ll be waiting for you
At the horizon like a shapeless cloud
To join and continue on the path ahead.




Author: vidur sahdev

Living life...as it comes!

5 thoughts on “If…”

    1. Wow…that’s is an interesting observation….and it made think too! I guess because I see it as the ultimate reality of life….and maybe I don’t see it as an end in itself….and for me, it keeps me engaged in constantly trying to discover the purpose of my life….as well as at times it helps me center myself away from what is trivial in this existence and what is ultimately of consequence to that purpose in life which also seems different at different points of time. It helps me differentiate between Worldly accomplishments and what I find fulfilling within. So when I think of it or write about it, it is with an acceptance that my existence is temporary by default, and so is any perceived happiness or sadness, and the awareness of my perishable presence does help keep the ego in check 🙂

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