M a g n u m O p u s

Pic: Unknown Artist


The stage was set
for a play of life
the actors dressed
to play their
rehearsed parts
he sat in a corner
on destiny’s seat
it all began
in a known
flamboyant style
their language unknown
yet he could read
the reflections
of the said
and the unsaid
through their eyes

He sat as one
with the crowd
at large
till the script
brought her to
center stage
the space around
illuminated by
a magical light
the music scripted
to play their song
she kneeled down
slowly, gracefully
one knee kissing
the blessed floor
eyes fixed
in the direction
of her scripted mate
as slowly
her arms opened
revealing her
sacramental space

His eyes followed
the direction
of her beckoning gaze
a fault in the script
or so he felt
her mate distracted
by anothers gaze
unfaltering in her act
her soulful eyes
slowly beginning
to glisten
with a film
he was sure
was never
a part of the script

As the second knee
also went down
the arms
still open wide
for her lover’s embrace
if moments
could be eternity
he felt it then
and his script
he thought
would have never
read like that

The story went on
but his open
eyes had shut
that one image
imprinted deeper
than his
conscious would realize
he had never seen
love – so raw
so unashamed
so vulnerable
and yet so strong
and when he
walked out of
that magnum opus night
he carried the pain
he had seen
in her eyes

Feelings felt
that were not
to have been his
but somewhere
his own heart
had been awakened
to a reality
till then ignored
the vacuum covered
under a blanket
of orchestrated smiles
was his sacramental space
where a soul lived
but in the known life
had never been loved.




Author: vidur sahdev

Living life...as it comes!

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