t h e b o o k


a story unwritten
in a published book,
the title undescriptive
just reads ‘your life’.
no chapters marked,
the preface left blank,
to be written
in retrospect
like an epitaph.

open a leaf
and by the end
of each day,
invisible words
dipped in emotions,
magically appear.
as the story unfolds
in the random plot,
all genres possible
will be covered,
no proofing, no edits
no hindsight allowed
what is written, is done
refer back to avoid
any future mistakes.

when paths cross
between those
that meet,
some of the written
will be shared,
faith is patience,
no cheats allowed,
for pages beyond
are yet to be inked.






Author: vidur sahdev

Living life...as it comes!

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