D a m n e d

Venus De Milo.jpg
Venus De Milo by Alexandros of Antioch

Alone in a corner
amongst famous art
stood a sculpture
with broken arms
gathering dust
from the
daily visitor treads
the dreaded cover
now aged
with cracks
unable to stop
the flying specs
but beneath
the ignored dusty stone
lay a beating heart
wishing on the hands
that carved her so
to magically mend
this incapacitated plight.

In the darkness
that defined
every lonely night
one full moon
heard her yearning sigh
with a chuckle
not only did it
put back the two
but added to them
a hammer
and a chisel
leaving the stone
it said
with a smile –
your heart is good
now work with
these repaired two
for now
they too have
the gift of life.

It was strange
for the stone
to have moving arms
but she knew
there was a reason
for that
liberating night
lights out
doors locked
the sound
of the hammer
in cahoots
with the chisel
became a daily
secretive exercise
she chipped
and she chipped
adding her bits
to the accumulated
dust around.

By the time
they came with their
‘beyond repair
so sentenced to death’
the cover
had crumpled
the dust was gone
at her feet lay
a weary hammer
a worn out chisel
she had changed
herself so
that even they
who knew her once
seemed so sure
this was not
that work of art
which had been
written off
as damned to die.




Author: vidur sahdev

Living life...as it comes!

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