f o g g e d


The cloudy skies
the foggy nights
the feeling of lost
in the haze of sorts,
imagining images
in the sifty moves
the make-believes
in tangible objects
with outlines lost,
street lights blurred
sounds amplified,
senses mystified,
a deceptive stillness
as passions abound,
futures created
in a misty present
winters healing
on summery wounds,
the crackle of fire
lighting hope within
visions of illusions
in the dancing flames,
smiles, and tears
alternating in
a reminiscent background,
as the reel of
of the ending year
flashes past
in a moment profound,
hopes fulfilled
chances fought
some held tight
others lost,
now standing at
the entrance
of a healing hearth,
a door separates
two co-existing –
worlds of awe,
the finger dwelling
on a bell to ring
a choice between
the fire, and the fog.



Author: vidur sahdev

Living life...as it comes!

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