g a r b s


tender skin
born without
a flaw
the passage of time
its vulnerabilities
scratched surfaces
artificially perfected
the smallest cuts
covered with tape

the clock completes
a circle of life
time to peel
the self
a finger quivers
as it slowly pulls
the sticky cover
over the wound
that never was

pain is sweet
even in those
stretched moments
that it lasts
as you
bit by bit succeed
in removing
the worldly conditioned
artificial garb.





Author: vidur sahdev

Living life...as it comes!

4 thoughts on “g a r b s”

  1. Lovely poem. It fits the Hebrew expression of the passage of time: “L’dor v’dor”, as it does your name. It fits the theme of the day, as well, since I also wrote of it today. We echo, a bit, in tandem (I just wrote something using such thoughts — but, don’t be alarmed; out comes what will. I’ve also got a picture of a heart in my hand, like you do in “Safe”!).

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