s u n s h i n e


Be You
in all the ways
you can
there must
be a reason
apart from a great
sense of humour
that his chisle
put all those
crazy nooks
the way it has.

Of course
I laugh
every time
I see you,
your mirror
and me
both have a pact
on that,
he must
have been
in a real hurry
to do a
stupendous job
like that.

But before
the year ends
let a secret be told
we both know
the real rush
he had,
it was us
who needed you
to be
this you
in all the
colors you have.

And we laugh
for we know
the need
you fulfill
was never
a priority
you’d choose,
but it is ours
to secretly mine,
so you, be you
and let us bask
through this
long winter
in your
secretly adored
wondrous sunshine.





Author: vidur sahdev

Living life...as it comes!

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