m o m e n t s


was the touch
you thought
you felt,
the kiss
that didn’t
touch your skin,
the breath
that matched
the rhythm
of yours.

Eyes close
when the world
is in your arms,
it was the
your senses
lost sense
of the presence
of another,
till conditioned
woke you up.




Author: vidur sahdev

Living life...as it comes!

20 thoughts on “m o m e n t s”

      1. Love for another is a beautiful feeling to experience ….the expectation of permanency and reciprocation are always the fears….and not entirely unfounded coz it does hurt like hell if even one of them does not hold!!!

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      2. I am afraid I have conjured the fears and I am now lost to believing (maybe just out of fear? haha)…I dream of it in my sleep and love to read or write of it all but have retreated from intimacy unless you could consider every now and then I reveal a piece of me in words here like this to be intimate? Im grateful for your writings, your manner and way with words it is just soft and lovely truly just enough to make me wonder over it all…wondering is maybe all I will ever let myself have I really dont know.

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