v i s i o n s


Fairy tales
do not come true,
and dreams
have the habit
of vanishing
at the first rays
of the rising truth,
even the eyes
that could
happily die,
to imprison
those images
for a gambled
often fall prey
to the illogical
lure of
being alive.

Stars collide
I know,
though I have
never seen one,
the world exists
beyond fallible
there is
so much more
unseen, unexperienced
and unexplored,
beyond this minuscule
existence of ours,
I know,
even though
my feet
have never
left the ground.

I could have
had feathers
and that
would still not
have been
I am,
where I am,
and whatever
I can imagine
in the breaths
thus ordained,
it still could
not compare,
to the sight
of you,
in all the ways
that you are.




Author: vidur sahdev

Living life...as it comes!

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