b l i s s



a moment
of bliss
is often like
a rare eclipse
when all identities
as we know
melt into
a single stream
the trinity of
the heart, mind
and soul.




Author: vidur sahdev

Living life...as it comes!

9 thoughts on “b l i s s”

      1. I’ve been on YouTube since I last commented trying to find a good one in song, but really haven’t, yet… So, don’t look there. This portion of it, which I wrote here, says…
        …with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your might. “V’ahavtah” means: “And thou shalt love…”

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      2. (woman singing in this video, below):
        Hete’s one. The first part is the “Shema”. I’m not familiar with this tune. The V’ahavtah part (I use the old style: “Thou”; “sittest”; “walkest”, as it was when I learned it) has the wording. There’s more to the prayer than the song.
        (https://youtu.be/XobtaBQIZZM) 🙂
        Hope you love it, too!

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