this rogue heart

devil heart.jpg
Devil Heart – Pic and Sculpture by Jack Roman

temporary words
sewn together
the random
fallings from
a trickster heart,
weaving stories
with ink on paper
reality disguised
secrets leaked
all under
the guise
of a writer’s art

threads stolen
from wherever
the lusty eyes
tend to fall,
the sun, the moon
the seas, the sky
one time or
all complainants
against this
thieving heart

don’t match
the precious
of your heart,
to the temptingly
worded colors
of this
deceiving rogue,
it has no qualms
in stealing yours
for that’s
what really
fuels its fires

I have no options
but to bear
with its misgivings
for I am
its captive
in more ways
than one,
read if you can
between the
that’s where
the soul
seeps in.



Author: vidur sahdev

Living it comes!

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