s h i n e



Cloaked in veils
of the smothering kind,
there comes a time
when the
hidden truth,
coffined by time
is freed to rise,
rusted masks
held beyond their time,
must fall to reveal
the hidden faces,
of scared angels
and demons that roam,
in angel’s disguise

The wintry night
the fog, the mist,
the snowy shroud
covering the green,
the sky held hostage
by the cloudy greys,
they all must fall
to that inevitable
advancing, ray of light,
false surfaces
too will crack,
and frozen lakes
once again
will come alive

Change by will
or by destiny’s design
offers a release
from stagnating in,
the deceptive comforts
of a familiar life,
a trick, or a treat
who can tell,
but the diamonds
waiting in the dark,
true to their heart
and core within,
in this revealing light
now, will shine.




Author: vidur sahdev

Living life...as it comes!

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