t h o u g h t s


You reside
like an ethereal being
in a place
which even I
have never seen,
in invisible realms
where darkness or light
are just said to be
a state of mind,
a place where
the logic of matter
and even the creative
art of science,
fail, and fall confused,
still happily content
to leave it undefined

mystics say
its an energy field
we create ourselves,
of potent vibrations
desired manifestations
carrying untold
future ramifications,
released sub-consciously
into a voraciously conscious
absorbent universe,
let go – is the mantra
release – is the way

but you,
are neither my creation
nor that frequently
lucid disappearing dream,
for you do exist
in the logical, scientific
physical plane,
in defiance of myself
I have evicted
and banished you often,
from this invisible residence
I am told I should own


for some inexplicable reason
you just seem to linger on.




Author: vidur sahdev

Living life...as it comes!

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