s n o w m a n




In the midst of the snow
the chilly winter nights,
searching for some fuel
to keep my outsides warm,
the relentless winds teasing
with deceptive cotton showers,
adding fluff to a blanket
already so wet and cold,
not even a fake heart of sorts
they thought of sneaking inside,
button eyes left to imagine
the warmth of a hearths glow,
movement frozen,vision dimming
the purpose of creation over,
till you stirred a hope
in the missing hallow inside.

illuminating paths to tread
on the dark lonely nights,
in your eyes bright reflections
of those poled intermittent lights,
maybe that’s what stars are
for I had never seen the sky,
they never added a neck
when they froze my design,
as you walked closer, lost
in your own world of thoughts,
you didn’t notice me standing
stranded in the dark alone,
destined to melt painfully
drop by drop, under morrows sun.

but know, that you changed
my aimless foretold way of life,
for as you walked by in a blaze
had I been given a heart,
I would have surely claimed –
that there was something
so very familiar about you,
but either way, that night
you set the winds on fire,
and three blobs of white
turned a soulful silvery flow,
and this temporary snowman
though invisible to your eyes,
ever grateful for your presence
for the freedom, for the redemption
and the warmth that melted it so.




Author: vidur sahdev

Living life...as it comes!

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