f a m i l y c h a t s

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User comments

A funny twilight zone –
a me, a sun and
the peekaboo moon,
sitting together
watching the skies
changing hues,
family chats
are far rarer now,
but once in a while
we still do plan,
a catch up
by the sea,
the old fashioned

one sheds light,
on the going-ons
in the world
beyond our
little blue home,
the other thrives,
on the miscellaneous
and the
whispered gossips,
of the secretive

now a silent listener
happy to be that way,
ever since I
began suspecting
the overzealous rising
eavesdropping waves,
of spilling
my unconventional
simplistic thoughts,
on shores with
‘DND’ signages,
implicitly displayed
all over their face.


* DND = Do Not Disturb




Author: vidur sahdev

Living life...as it comes!

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