f o o t p r i n t s



by the shore
walk by,

some feet
linger longer
deepening craters
as waters

of a moment
in this time
this place,

And I wonder,

the sand beneath
the happy ones
from the sad,

the difference
between those
that are good
and those
labeled bad,

the weight
of those
that are rich
and of those
that aren’t,

by a
thoughtless wave,
for my questions,
doesn’t seem
to care,
it fills up
all the holes,
and as it recedes,
in the evenness
of what
it leaves behind,
I surprisingly find
all the answers




Author: vidur sahdev

Living life...as it comes!

20 thoughts on “f o o t p r i n t s”

  1. Very nice, in metaphor and in life. Strange as it all is, I think the land also absorbs to the vibrations of its cultures. I think I’ve made mention of it, here or there, but it’s one of my Wild Theories (I think I still need to write it up).

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      1. Thanks! I’m actually not the only one who ever thought so. Queen Helena of Constantinople marked out what she thought were sites significant to Christianity in Israel by the same process — feeling the aura of the past, in the atmosphere and walking the ground to feel it.

        And, yes — poetry books by you would be wonderful!

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  2. !!! what can I even say?!!! How? I just want to know how?! each one flows just as it was meant!! A book please just the size to fit nicely in my hands…your writing Vidur is a dream. I could imagine falling asleep with it in my mind and dreaming the sweetest most poetic dreams ever!

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