f o r e v e r

photo: self

Listen to
the ocean winds
as the waves
carry you
on a fluffy
bed of clouds,
away from
the daily cares
of rights
and doubts,

sink softly
into a cozy sleep
drift weightless
into emptiness
till closed eyes
open slowly,
to that
wonderous dream
you have
always held,
somewhere deep
in the silences
of your heart,

stars shining
within reach
singing your song
as they dance,
birds awakened
from their
slumber too,
wide eyed
on floating trees,
a night out
by their roots,

streams flowing
in abandonment
like streamers
in the wind,
snow flakes
being blown out
like soapy bubbles
by rainbow
colored clouds,

And I take
your hand
as you step off
your ride
and softly
in your ears–

you’ll learn
to walk on air
we’ll sing
and dance
till this
madness lasts,
everything else
that makes
you smile
is all on
the menu too,

the nights
you looked up
were not in vain,
I know
your thoughts
I know
your pain,
tonight my angel
you’re the star,
and me,
your Moon.




Author: vidur sahdev

Living life...as it comes!

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