r a n d o m

Pic: Pinterest


It is only when I see
the beauty
in the randomness
of this creation
that I believe
their exists
a secret plan
in this
random existence
of you and me,

the stars at night
aren’t made to align
in boring
straight lines
as they cheer
the random striptease
of the clothed
in shadows
moon at night,

the rivers meander
with snakelike charm
taking random
unbounded paths
till they meet
their invisible
destined ends
into a sea,

clouds don’t fit
the boxes we make
their variations
in curves, colors
and moods, random
natures blessings
to an otherwise
big, bland
blue sky,

the trees that grow
even from fallen
twin seeds
randomly differ
not just
in their branches
but in
their skyward
leanings too,

and so it goes
that you and I
treading random paths
in the now that is
may fit or not
a definitions
of ‘us’
in this very
existing now,

But somewhere ahead
there probably is
a randomly good
reason to it.




Author: vidur sahdev

Living life...as it comes!

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